Gimp Photo Editor


Software is updated frequently
Large directory of plugins and scripts to customize the tool

Significant learning curve
Does not support adjusment and clipping layers

The most affordable program you can get is one that's free - and GIMP Photo Editor is the free program you want. While other free editing software is available, none of them beat the design, options or features that GIMP brings to the table. The biggest advantage of GIMP is that it works across all platforms, which means it can be used for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. GIMP can easily handle photo editing with its tools and multiple layers, and it is an easy option for students, hobbyists and professionals alike who cannot afford a $1,000 program like Photoshop. Because GIMP is such a jam-packed piece of editing software, it can be a little intimidating at first. Given time, you will find that it supplies everything you need and more in a free package.