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Photo Lightning 5.5

Photo Lightning 5.5 Overview

Noted for its ease of use and streamlined approach, Photolightning is a program that is perfect for the beginning photo editor. While this program does not have all the deluxe bells and whistles of the industry's leading programs, it provides all the basic tools in a simple way that allows any of us to become a competent photo editor. In addition, Photolightning's archiving feature allows you to create photo CDs with ease.


The idea behind the Photolightning was to create an editing software that is easy to use for enthusiasts of all ability levels, and the software definitely is true to its word. With its key features divided into easy to find subheadings, the program makes the process from import to media sharing a breeze.

Photo Editing

Photolightning editing software is similar to many other photo editing programs in that you are able to edit in two different modes. Choose the automatic mode for simple one click fixes or the full edit mode for more advanced features. Fix backlighting, out of focus photos, effects of flash and make the sky a different color with Photolightning. Crop, brighten and sharpen, boost color, add paint effects and reduce red-eye are a few of the features offered. Other advanced features include motion blur, soft focus, color temperature, saturation, hue, lighting adjustments and graduated tint. Perform these adjustments and enhancements while keeping the sort order of your photo set intact. Critics have faulted Photolightning for missing the opportunity to provide really good editing features which are key for a program to be ranked high among the different options of software available.

Photo Sharing

Perhaps the best sharing feature is to instantly send your photo's to Snapfish, Walmart Photo Center, Blogger, Walgreens, Kodak Easy Share, Shutterfly, EZ Prints, Text America, and Foto Log.

Output Capabilities

While the only output format supported by Photolightning is .jpg, the software makes it easy to digitally store pictures in a variety of ways. Users can transfer their works back to a digital device or archive the files on a disk.


While Photo Lightning may be easy to use, it accomplishes this by losing all of its functionality, having no more than the basic features found in any photo editor.


The help system built in to the software itself allows you to browse or search through an index of topics, and will most likely prove adequate for the majority of your troubleshooting or reference needs.