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PhotoStudio 6

PhotoStudio 6 Overview

Photo Studio is no better than most freeware photo editors out there today and certainly isn't worth anywhere near the asking price. Its interface may be easy to use, but its outdated and offers the user nothing they couldn't get from any other photo editing software. Save your money and use a free program or look elsewhere if you want a high quality editor.


Photo Studio's interface is what you might call "vanilla" -- completely straightforward and simple. Though it's definitely nothing revolutionary in terms of design, there is one major advantage to its conventionality: if you've used any other photo editing programs before, you'll find its layout familiar and easy to get used to.

Importing Images

Importing is extremely limited with this program, your only options are to paste in a screen shot or import directly from your scanner. This creates a very restrictive environment, even for users with the most basic needs.

Photo Editing

With PhotoStudio Editing software, work with layers, apply standard photo edits and add animated stamps and texts easily to your photos. The included auto enhance mode gives you access to nine quick edits while the advanced full edit mode gives you an opportunity to fine tune any changes to your projects. One thing to note is that the scratch removal tool gets rid of scratches by blurring the area where they are located while other programs use a cloning tool to make scratches less noticeable by matching the surrounding area. In this category the editing features are rather ordinary compared to what you find in other photo editing software. One unique and powerful tool is the Face Beautify feature, which makes faces look flawless and younger by reducing blemishes, such as spots, moles, wrinkles and freckles. It also adds color to lips, removes red eye, whitens and repairs teeth and brightens eyes, giving the subject of your photo a real touch up!

Output Capabilities

The software suffers from a lack of variety when it comes to exporting photos. While some users may be satisfied with the handful of common file formats available, serious photographers and editors will consider this a significant flaw.


PhotoStudio provides both in-program and online support aimed to make it easier to reach your editing goals. Through the use of tutorials and an extensive FAQ section, users can typically find all the support that is needed. When times get really tough, live help is a simple contact form away.