Pixia Photo Editor


Bold style & interface
Easy access to main palettes

Layout is inconsistent and difficult to follow

What really sets Pixia Photo Editor apart from other free and high-end editing programs is that it is an English version of the Japanese software. Now, that alone does not make it totally unique; in fact, many programs are offered in different languages. However, Pixia Photo Editor is different in that its user-interface is unlike any other photo editing program out there. When opening Pixia for the first time, you are greeted with a "File" and "Help" box. Once you import a photo, you have to open individual windows for layers, effects and more. Since most editing programs have an all-in-one user interface, it may seem awkward for first-time Pixia users. However, given time, it may just be the change you need because you really can make the program look the way you want.